The product of creativity and curiosity in digital form.


Convert To Chris is an online blog and portfolio that began from a common love of creativity and exploration.

I launched this project in conjunction with a year-long photography challenge to help document the process. At the end of the challenge I had received over 180,000 views and decided to take it all one step further and help grow this miniature brand into a platform for writing and showcasing my interests in photography and travel.

In 2015 converttochris.com was relaunched as a place to host all this new content. The ‘Travel’ and ‘Photography’ sections serve as writing and posting outlets for viewers to read and see updates on a regular basis; the ‘Portfolio’ section contains all of the final content in various project forms.


Every good organisation has a rhyme and reason for why they exist. At the core of Convert To Chris creativity and curiosity run through its veins. It serves as a catalyst and platform to share just that.

In May 2015 I traveled across 5 countries to visit family and experience vastly different cultures throughout the world. The goal was to photograph and share my journey through lens and pen. That trip has only further inspired me to continue with this project and sharing everything that comes out of being creative and curious.


I’ve been drawing and scribbling since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Over the years that desire to create has transformed into the world of design and photography.

I want to show people how I create inspiring images while helping them apply this to their own work through posting my progress and process online. Conceptual ideas, storytelling, and keeping curiosity alive are what keep me creatively healthy and I hope to advocate that whenever possible.

I have a BFA in Photography and am currently an associate art director at Weber Shandwick with 6 years of creative agency experience. I also consult for small companies on creative and marketing strategies. For a complete list of clients and work please view my resumé.